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Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club

2019 Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club Scholarship

Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club awarded 4 $1,000 scholarships! That's $4,000 in scholarships to Elgin Seniors! Other FFA scholarships may be found on the Texas FFA and National FFA websites!


 Elgin FFA Alumni-Booster Club Scholarship App.pdf


Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club


  • To support and promote the FFA Organization, FFA activities, and agricultural education on local, state and national levels.
  • To provide a tie to the FFA and to assist FFA and agricultural education personnel to involve former members and others interested in supporting worthy activities.
  • To promote greater knowledge of agricultural industry and support education in agriculture.
  • To cooperate with Elgin FFA Chapter and the Texas State and National FFA Alumni Association.
  • To promote and maintain an appreciation of the American Free enterprise system.
  • To promote the personal development aspect of the FFA.

Membership Information: 

Membership is open to former, active, collegiate and honorary FFA members, present and former professional agricultural educators, parents of FFA members and any and all others interested in the FFA, upon payment of dues.  The annual dues of the Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club are $15.00. Checks can be made payable to Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club.     

Membership form and payment can be mailed to:  
P.O. Box 932, Elgin, TX 78621


Meetings are required to be held once per year.  Additional meetings may be called quarterly.  Attendance is not required, but is beneficial to receive information and understand what the Alumni will be doing for Elgin FFA through-out the year. 

For more information on joining the Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club, please contact: 

Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club Flyer:
Elgin FFA Alumni Booster Club Flyer 3.16.pdf

Elgin FFA Alumni/Booster Club Membership Form:
Elgin FFA Alumni Booster Club Membership Form 3.16.pdf





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