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Biotechnology I & II

Course Description

This year long course offers the student an opportunity to experience the basics of microbiology, human genetics, biotechnology, and exploration of bioethical issues. This Biotechnology course includes career exploration, as well as the history and applications of DNA/RNA technology, molecular biology, bioethics, and laboratory safe practices. This course is supplemented with laboratory exercises and demonstrations that illustrate the basic techniques of biotechnology. Specific topics in genomics and bioinformatics will be included. The laboratory component of this course encompasses biochemical and molecular biological techniques that are routinely performed in research, government, and industrial biotechnology laboratories. The exercises are designed to provide a hands-on context for the topics being presented in the course lectures. Finally, the course concludes with a consideration of bioethical issues relating to this powerful new technology

Course Objectives

  1. The course will provide demonstrations of the structure and function of DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes, and proteins.
  2. The course will offer a definition of biotechnology, including examples of real-world applications.
  3. The course will provide opportunities to apply laboratory techniques with the appropriate lab equipment and materials.
  4. The course offers opportunities to discuss and debate selected bioethical issues


Biotechnology Syllabus Tori Thornton 7/25/2019 114 KB



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