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Classroom knowledge and skills are applied as students identify and evaluate cut flowers, house plants, flowering plants, floral designs and they will complete an exam that tests their knowledge of floral design, propagation as well as preparation of floral and foliage products for sale.

Below is:
the Floriculture ID notebook (pdf) to study
the Floriculture ID ppt to study........(don't forget to go to quizlet to study these too!)
the question and answers exam bank (both with and without answers) ........ (these are also on quizlet!)
and I've also included the placing classes guidelines/tips


Floriculture contest rules Becky Maass 1/26/2016 947 KB
Floricutlure ID notebook Becky Maass 1/26/2016 16323 KB
Floriculture ID ppt Becky Maass 1/26/2016 11410 KB
Floriculture exam bank Becky Maass 1/26/2016 118 KB
Floriculture exam bank KEY Becky Maass 1/26/2016 227 KB
Floriculture placing classes judging tips Becky Maass 1/26/2016 762 KB



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